Project Update 04/30/2018

The design of the project is well under way and recently hit a milestone with delivery of the preliminary design report to City staff. Some highlights from the efforts under way are:

The project components required to create the design drawings have been completed, including:

  • The land survey and base map drawings of the entire neighborhood;
  • Geotechnical engineering testing (exploration of the underground environment) to confirm the condition and extent of the existing roadway’s base course and right-of-way percolation; and,
  • Videotapes and condition reports of the existing sanitary and storm sewers to ensure that system repairs re-establish the local level of service.

Coordination with area utilities including FPL, FPL Fibernet, AT&T, Comcast and Florida Public Gas Company are under way to ensure that potential conflicts are identified and accounted for; and,

The next public outreach meeting is tentatively planned for mid-August to share the design progress with the community and seek additional input prior to wrapping up the final design documents and bidding for the project’s construction. More information on the meeting date, time and location will be provided to area residents as soon as it is available.