What does this project consist of?
This project includes the design to reestablish the service life for all of the public infrastructure for the locations included in this project scope including sections of SW 4th Street, SW 6th Street, SW 7th Avenue, and SW 3rd Court. The project includes improvements to the public roadways, alleyways, potable water along with sanitary and storm sewer systems. The project will also include considerations for sidewalk, landscaping, and street lighting improvements to improve the area’s bike and pedestrian mobility and safety.

How will this project be funded?
The design and construction of this project is a planned partnership between the City of Delray Beach and the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). No new taxes or fees will be levied or charged to complete this work.

How do I provide input on the project?
Great question! A City goal is to have active neighborhood engagement throughout the design and construction of this project. Monitor this website for updates, monitor the City’s social media channels and email the project design team from this website. This is an important project and your input will make it better. CLICK HERE to CONTACT US.

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